The audio diaries of Tamás Lossonczy


The digital recording of the Diaries of Tamás Lossonczy was made by the DATA foundation with the kind support of OSI Budapest.


Number of audio cassettes: 70

Full length: 62 hours 28 minutes 5 seconds

Publication: 2 pcs. on double DVD


Tamás Lossonczy kept a diary all his life. When his sight became weaker he recorded his thoughts on audio cassettes.

The artist's diaries were classified for 15 years after his death. The audio diaries were published on double DVDs by the DATA foundation, with the permission of Éda Pál, the owner of the rights. Altogether 2 copies were made, one is owned by Éda Pál, the other is guarded at the Hungarian Academy of Science, at the faculty of art history, for research purposes.

In our documentary, 105 év naplója (Memoirs of 105 years) we used extracts selected by the art historian Gábor Pataki.

The aim of DATA foundation is to preserve this piece of our cultural heritage in digital form for the posterity.


The individual brain project


10 artist of the Partizán Studios and Gallery have won the 2013 Eurobike prize with painted Melon helmet.

Artists: Mónika Horváth Éva, Fruzsina Kun, János Huszti, GuBA, Nándor Keszeg, Horror Pista - István Máriás, Zsili Bertalan Babos, Imre Debreczeni, Máté Retkes, Kristóf Szabó

Organiser: Partizán Studios and Gallery
Curator: Marcell Pátkai

"Ha sok cseresznyepaprikát madzagra fűzünk, abból lesz a paprikakoszorú.
Ha viszont nem fűzzük fel őket, nem lesz belőlük koszorú.
Pedig a paprika ugyanannyi, éppoly piros, éppoly erős. De mégse koszorú.
Csak a madzag tenné? Nem a madzag teszi. Az a madzag, mint tudjuk, mellékes, harmadrangú valami.
Hát akkor mi?
Aki ezen elgondolkozik, s ügyel rá, hogy gondolatai ne kalandozzanak összevissza, hanem helyes irányban haladjanak, nagy igazságoknak jöhet a nyomára."

Örkény István: Az élet értelme


"If we tie a lot of cherry-peppers on a string, they'll make a pepper-wreath.

However, if we don't tie them on a string, they won't make a wreath. Although it's the same amount of peppers, just as red and just as hot. But still no wreath.

Does it only lie in the string? No, it doesn't. That string, as we all know, is an incidental, third-rate thing.

Then what?

People capable of brooding over it and taking care not to let their mind wander about, but keep them on the right track may get a scent of eternal verities."

Örkény István: The Meaning Of Life (Translation: N.Ullrich Katalin)