A diary of 105 years (105 év naplója)


Genre: Documentary

Length: 15 minutes

Resolution: HD

The publication: 100 pcs. on DVD, English subtitles

Year: 2011


The documentary is based on the audio diaries of Tamás Lossonczy, which were classified until 2024.

We can also hear interviews with Éda Pál, widow of the artist, Gábor Pataki arthistorian and László Fehér painter. From the audio diaries we can learn facts of historical –especially art and cultural historical- significance and personal details as well.

As the diaries are classified according to the will of Tamás Lossonczy the extracts were selected by the art historian Gábor Pataki with the permission of Éda Pál, the artist's widow.

Of these selected parts the script was written by the director, Pater Sparrow and the producer, Marcell Pátkai. The film was photographed by Károly Spáh, Máté Tóth Widamon and Pater Sparrow. The paintings and Lossonczy's studio was photographed and animated by András Szurdi. The shooting included some special locations like the Nationall Galery where the artist personally took part on the opening ceremony of the exhibition 100 év után-After 100 years, a tribute to the painters 105th birthday.

The documentary would like to introduce the unique visual world that surrounds the painter through his secret audio diaries.


The Hungarian painter's homage to the people of Rome (Magyar festő hódolata Róma népének)


Genre: Short film

Length: 3 minutes

Resolution: HD

The publication: 100 pcs. on DVD, English subtitles

Year: 2009


The script and the plan

The plan of the movie was made together by Tamás Losonczy, the director and the producer based on the script of Tamás Losonczy. The art historical analysis of Kriszta Passuth is presented in the film Műsor, so this short can be fully enjoyed as the artist's vision.

The dancing figures of the mosaic come to life and mix with the passers-by of the busy underground station. The dialectics of the piece of art and the vivid, urban site is presented through the changes of slow-motion and time lapsed shootings, highlighted parts of the mosaic and the changes of silence and sound effects. The sound design was made of different underground sounds.

The aim of DATA was to support the 105 year old Losonczy Tamás in the creation of his first film.


Műsor- artList


Genre: Documentary

Length: 15 min

Resolution: HD

Publication: 100 DVDs with English subtitles

Year: 2009


Sensitive contemplation, true curosity, sorrow and humour.

The 105 years old Tamás Losonczy had a great impression on the staff  during the shooting with his impolsive outbursts, creativity and incredible energy. Instead of the arthistorian analysis of his works the film tries to concentrate on the personality and wisdom of the artist.

The arthistorian Krisztina Passuth speaks about his mosaic at the underground station EUR Maglina in Rome. The artist was especially proud of this work since he made it at the age of 96, just after breaking his leg. He also wrote a script to present the mosaic on film as well. This script was realised in the short film The Hungarian painter’s tribute to the people of Rome.


The aim of DATA foundation was to record  the extraordinary experience and worldview of the well-known painter

"Ha sok cseresznyepaprikát madzagra fűzünk, abból lesz a paprikakoszorú.
Ha viszont nem fűzzük fel őket, nem lesz belőlük koszorú.
Pedig a paprika ugyanannyi, éppoly piros, éppoly erős. De mégse koszorú.
Csak a madzag tenné? Nem a madzag teszi. Az a madzag, mint tudjuk, mellékes, harmadrangú valami.
Hát akkor mi?
Aki ezen elgondolkozik, s ügyel rá, hogy gondolatai ne kalandozzanak összevissza, hanem helyes irányban haladjanak, nagy igazságoknak jöhet a nyomára."

Örkény István: Az élet értelme


"If we tie a lot of cherry-peppers on a string, they'll make a pepper-wreath.

However, if we don't tie them on a string, they won't make a wreath. Although it's the same amount of peppers, just as red and just as hot. But still no wreath.

Does it only lie in the string? No, it doesn't. That string, as we all know, is an incidental, third-rate thing.

Then what?

People capable of brooding over it and taking care not to let their mind wander about, but keep them on the right track may get a scent of eternal verities."

Örkény István: The Meaning Of Life (Translation: N.Ullrich Katalin)